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Spray Foam Insulation Cape Girardeau, MO

Installing insulation in your home or commercial building helps satisfy the minimum insulation requirements by the state and local building codes. However, a top-quality insulation system will go beyond this to deliver an energy-efficient and comfortable building. Installing spray foam insulation in Cape Girardeau, MO doesn’t have to be a hassle – Gonz Insulation offers personalized insulation services to meet your specific insulation needs. If you’re looking to resolve your building’s insulation issues, call us today to discuss your project details and schedule an insulation inspection.

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Why Choose Spray Foam Insulation?

Why choose spray foam in a world with a myriad of insulation materials? The benefits of installing spray foam insulation in Cape Girardeau make it too good to ignore. So, what reasons make it a top insulation material?

  • Air Sealing Properties: Spray foam insulation is a two-part liquid material that air seals and insulates when sprayed onto a surface. The two liquids – usually an isocyanate and a resin – combine to give a foam that expands to fill the cavity surface.

    Its ability to fill every gap and crack on a surface helps air-seal your building, including in hard-to-reach spaces. What’s more, spray foam is adherent and self-flashing, meaning it conforms to the shape of the surface resulting in airtight spaces.

    Its ability to form an air barrier makes it the perfect material to prevent air leakage and insulate building parts such as attics, wall cavities, crawl spaces, basement walls, and the underside of roof decks.

  • Moisture Barrier:  In addition to forming an air barrier, spray foam insulation in Cape Girardeau MO helps prevent moisture issues by controlling condensation. It forms an air barrier that prevents cold air from leaking into a building and a thermal barrier that prevents heat from escaping.

    When applied on foundation walls, spray foam prevents moisture from wicking through, which would otherwise result in mold growth.

    Closed-cell foam is the more rigid of the two forms of spray foam. Its higher density makes it ideal for preventing water penetration and moisture buildup in buildings.

  • Higher R-value Per Inch: Closed-cell spray foam has an extremely high density which in part makes it one of the materials with the highest R-values in the market. With proper installation, you’re guaranteed an insulation material with an R-value of about 6.5-7.

    Better R-values translate to better thermal resistance, meaning that spray foam insulation does a better job of preventing heat flow out of your building than traditional insulation materials.

    Its rigidity also means that it continues to perform consistently over time and is more resistant to degradation and damage due to elements and pests.

  • Sound Deadening Properties:  Besides air sealing, moisture control, and insulation, spray foam insulation in Cape Girardeau MO may have soundproofing benefits. Depending on the density, spray foam can absorb sound waves or block off low-frequency noise.

    Installing sound deadening spray foam insulation in Cape Girardeau MO can help reduce noise between rooms in your home. It is also ideal for establishments such as auditoriums and movie theaters.

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Signs Your Home Needs New Insulation

While you may need an energy audit or thermal imaging test to tell the quality of your insulation, some telltale signs will mean that your insulation needs to be upgraded.

  • High Energy Costs

    Getting higher energy bills every other month? The problem could lie in your insulation system. If your insulation isn’t working as it should, your heating and cooling systems must work harder, leading to increased energy bills.

  • Inconsistent Room Temperatures

    Insulation may degrade faster in one part of a building, resulting in uneven temperatures between rooms. If your living room is much colder than the bedroom during winter, it is likely that the insulation in your living room has degraded and needs attention.

  • Drafty Rooms

    Like uneven temperatures between rooms, draftiness in your home could be a sign of poor insulation. If your insulation in Cape Girardeau, MO is old or damaged, it allows cold air to enter your home, disrupting your family’s comfort.

  • Moisture in the Attic

    Attic insulation is constantly exposed to extreme elements: radiant heat during the summer and overly cold temperatures during the winter. These conditions often cause condensation and pooling of moisture, which may, in turn, promote mold and mildew growth.

  • HVAC System Working Constantly

    If your home’s heating and cooling systems are always running, there is a good chance that your insulation system is underperforming. Good insulation should help maintain a consistent temperature in a building.

    Deteriorating insulation allows cold air to enter and heat to escape through cracks and gaps. That means your furnace or a/c units must work overtime to maintain consistent indoor temperatures.

  • Frequent Allergies and Illnesses

    Besides inconsistent temperature, damaged insulation may result in mold, bacteria, and allergen issues. If your family keeps catching respiratory illnesses or allergies, your insulation could be the culprit. However, it would help if you ruled out other potential allergy causes before turning to your insulation.

  • Pest Issues

    If your insulation doesn’t completely seal gaps and cracks in your building, it could create room for pests and rodents. Droppings and airborne pollutants contaminate indoor air and break down your insulation. When left unchecked, this could potentially result in serious health issues.

  • Visible Signs of Insulation Breaking Down

    It’s not uncommon for insulation materials to thin, get compressed, or be damaged by insects and harsh weather conditions. You can tell the state of your insulation by visually inspecting areas such as the attic or crawlspace.

    If there are signs of damaged or failing insulation, you may want to call insulation specialists to replace it.

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