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Energy Audits

An energy audit is a detailed assessment of your property’s energy usage. It’s designed to determine if your property is using more energy than necessary. Excessive energy usage is often due to airflow caused by outdated and damaged insulation (or a lack of any insulation at all). Gonz Insulation offers professional energy audits in St. Louis, MO and throughout the surrounding region. This is a free, in-person diagnostic assessment to determine if and to what extent your property needs new insulation.

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Residential and Commercial Energy Audits

Gonz Insulation provides professional energy audits for free to residential homeowners and business owners in Saint Louis and surrounding areas. These audits reveal any and all concerns you have with your home’s insulation (and other factors that may affect energy usage).

There are many benefits of energy audits. Perhaps most notably, you are able to identify the reason for increased monthly energy costs, understand more about the condition of your property’s insulation, and receive a recommended professional solution to optimize your property’s use of energy. Additionally, our process help you determine if there are any signs of pest infestation in your crawl space, attics, and walls. We are also able to detect water and moisture damage as well.

When to Consider an Energy Audit

We recommend energy audits for your home or commercial property every two to three years. This allows us to identify potential problems before they develop and cause severe concerns that are incredibly costly to repair (i.e. foundational concerns, water and moisture damage). In addition to regular assessments, you may also need an audit if you have a draft inside your property, higher than usual energy costs, and/or undesirable air quality inside your property.

  • You Have a Draft Inside Your Property: Drafts occur when your property is not sealed properly. Insulation addresses this concern by providing a reliable air seal to your attic, walls, crawl space, and other vulnerable areas. Here at Gonz Insulation, we test to see if you have a draft and precisely where they come from inside your property. Anytime you notice undesired airflow that is not supposed to occur, then it is time to order a professional energy audit.

  • You Have Higher Than Usual Energy Costs: Energy costs rise substantially when outdoor air is able to enter and heating and cooling from your HVAC system are able to exit your property. Additionally, attics, walls, and crawl spaces that are not adequately insulated can radiate excessive heat and cold weather, which makes your HVAC unit have to work harder to keep up, subsequently raising your energy costs. Therefore, if you have unexplained energy costs, then an audit is strongly encouraged.

  • You Want to Improve The Air Quality Inside Your Home or Business:  Poor insulation that causes drafts leads to a decrease in air quality inside your property. This can affect the comfort level inside your property as well as present a minor health risk. If you have noticed the overall air quality getting worse, then it is time to order an energy audit with a licensed professional in the Saint Louis area.

  • Your Property is Susceptible to Damage From Pests: If you see signs of pests around your property, then they could end up in your attic and/or crawl space. During an audit, we look for any openings where pests could enter due to missing, damaged, or worn-down insulation material. Our team can also repair these areas through proper insulation of your property’s vulnerable areas.

  • Your Property is Susceptible to High Levels of Condensation: A moist environment inside your walls, attic, and crawl space serve as ideal breeding grounds for mold and mildew growth, which can all but destroy a home and prove costly to repair. Energy audits with Gonz Insulation are able to detect the level of condensation inside your property and let you know if the time is now to take action.

Why Choose Gonz Insulation for Your Energy Audit and Insulation Service Needs

Gonz Insulation has operated as insulation professionals in the Saint Louis area for years. We offer experience and dedicate ourselves to providing quality audits and services for our clients. We also have the staff necessary to handle small residential audits as well as large commercial and industrial energy audits. Unlike other companies that may not be local to the area, we have one location which is in Farmington, Missouri. As locals, we pride ourselves in assisting the residents in the area (whom we call neighbors) and small businesses throughout the region.

Energy Audit FAQs From Gonz Insulation

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about energy audits. You can always call us for more information.

Why Do I Need an Energy Audit?2022-11-17T07:47:05+00:00

An energy audit helps you learn more about your property’s energy usage and reveals ways to save you money on monthly heating and cooling costs. Otherwise, you could miss key signs that indicate there are issues with your home’s energy usage.

What Happens During an Energy Audit?2022-11-17T07:47:33+00:00

An energy audit with Gonz Insulation involves a detailed inspection of your property’s insulation and overall energy usage. We look for drafts and other openings that can cause a spike in your monthly heating and cooling costs and provide a recommendation for addressing any concerns we find.

How Long Does an Energy Audit Take?2022-11-17T07:47:58+00:00

An audit usually only takes an hour or two to complete. Of course, the time it takes largely depends on the size and type of property. Our insulation pros work diligently to complete the audit in a timely manner.

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