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Spray Foam Insulation Services in St. Louis, MO

Spray foam is largely the go-to insulation material for most contractors. Given its superb insulation properties, it’s easy to see why it is applicable for most residential and commercial insulation jobs. Unlike other projects, spray foam insulation in St. Louis, MO requires professional installation for the best results.

Working with a certified insulation company like Gonz Insulation can help you get the most out of your investments and avoid hazards that arise from poorly-installed spray foam. Whether you’re looking for retrofit insulation or insulation for your new home construction, you’ll be grateful that you let the experts handle your insulation project.

Why Spray Foam Insulation?

Sealing air leaks and adding insulation in your home or building are two surefire ways of improving energy efficiency and comfort. But why is spray foam insulation in St Louis the top choice?

While each type of insulation can do an excellent job of improving energy efficiency and comfort, spray foam exceeds the performance of most traditional insulation materials.

Closed-cell spray foam boasts among the highest R-value per inch of all insulation materials, guaranteeing superior thermal energy efficiency. Moreover, it is adherent and self-flashing, making it a better option for hard-to-insulate areas.

So, what’s in it for those who install spray foam insulation in St Louis MO?

  • Lower Energy Bills: Professionally installed spray foam insulation in St Louis MO seals every crack and crevice in your home, which keeps out cold drafts. Its high R-value also means it does a better job of preventing heat loss, which reduces the need for indoor heating.

    Overall, air sealing and insulating using spray foam can slash up to 40% of your heating and A/C bills.

  • Consistent Indoor Climate: Drafty rooms and inconsistent indoor temperatures are signs of an underperforming insulation system. Installing spray foam in your walls, attic, and crawl spaces can make your home a comfortable space by eliminating drafts and keeping temperatures consistent.

  • Cleaner and Healthier Air: When properly installed, spray foam cures to form a continuous barrier that keeps out dust, pollen, and rodents. Moreover, closed-cell spray foam prevents cold air from being trapped, controlling condensation.

    By preventing condensation and moisture build-up in walls and attic, spray foam prevents the growth of molds, which are culprits of poor indoor quality.

    While there may be concerns about off-gassing, using the right product, spraying chemicals in the correct ratio, and applying in the right conditions ensures that the spray foam settles and stabilizes into an inert material. That means the material, in itself, won’t contribute to degrading indoor air quality.

  • Improves Structural Strength: Installing closed-cell spray foam between walls also adds to the structural stability and durability of your building. Closed-cell spray foam can enhance light-frame walls’ shear strength, given its higher density and sturdiness.

  • Improves Home Value: Air sealing and installing a quality insulation system may give you an upper hand if you decide to put your property on the market.

    While it’s true that some lenders shy away from financing purchases of homes with spray foam insulation, the truth is that standard and professionally installed insulation makes your property more valuable.

    What’s more, good insulation elongates the life of your HVAC system as it doesn’t always have to crank up its activity to compensate for lost heat.

Insulation Solutions for Various Applications

Proper insulation is an excellent way of making your home, office space or pole barn more comfortable while cutting down on heating and cooling costs.

Attic Insulation

Since some attics accommodate ducts, pipes, and vents, almost half of the lost indoor heat escapes through the attic. Spray foam can be applied to the underside of the roof deck to prevent the air in the attic from being heated.

Besides potentially losing thousands in wasted energy, insufficiently insulated attics can be hotbeds of mold, mildew, and pests.

Installing spray foam in unvented attics results in a conditioned habitable or storage space and a tempered space for HVAC equipment.

Spray foam insulation in St. Louis, MO is also perfect for providing a continuous air barrier and thermal barrier when installed at the roof line in houses with complex coffered ceilings and numerous gaps through the ceiling plane. In such applications, it offers airtightness and superior attic insulation.

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Crawl Space Insulation Services in St. Louis, MO

Closed-cell spray foam can be used to seal and insulate your foundation wall. Installing St Louis MO spray foam insulation in unvented crawl spaces provides a moisture barrier, preventing moisture from wicking through the concrete or stone.

Sealing and insulating band or rim joists also help prevent air and moisture introduction into your crawlspace. Unsealed and uninsulated rim joists allow air leakage and heat loss in your basement.

Condensation may also occur on the cold surfaces of rim joists, resulting in mold and rot. However, applying closed-cell spray foam on the band joist helps air seal and create a barrier to prevent moisture issues.

In houses with vented crawl spaces, installing spray foam on the ceiling of the crawlspace helps prevent moist and dank-smelling air from reaching your living space through the floorboards.

In addition to forming an air and thermal barrier, high-density spray foam can help minimize or eliminate floorboard creaks.

Pole Barn Insulation Services in St. Louis, MO

Spray foam insulation for your pole building can help mitigate two critical issues: moisture and extreme temperatures. Whether yours is a barndominium, “man cave,” or garage, there’s a good reason to install spray foam insulation.

Insulating the walls of your pole barn can boost its ability to resist heat loss and result in significant energy savings. If your pole barn consists of an attic, spray foam can help air seal and reduce radiant heat during hot days.

While you’ll want to consider the function of your pole barn before insulating, installing spray foam insulation in St Louis MO will help you maintain consistent temperatures, prevent mold and rust damage, and promote a healthier and more comfortable environment.

Metal Building Insulation Services in St. Louis, MO

Like pole barns, metal building owners often have to put up with inconsistent temperatures, moisture, and noise issues. Applying closed-cell spray foam to the inside metal wall panels can eliminate these issues and add to the building’s rigidity.

Depending on the roofing system, closed-cell spray foam may also be sprayed on the roof’s underside. That helps prevent water leakage through the building’s connections, bolts, and screws.

A St Louis MO spray foam insulation system on the side walls and roof prevents heat loss through conduction. Even more important, it helps prevent condensation and, in turn, rust.

Commercial Insulation Services in St. Louis, MO

In addition to homeowners, commercial building owners can leverage the benefits of spray foam insulation in St Louis MO. It can be installed in warehouses, distribution centers, retail stores, hospitals, agricultural buildings, and offices.

Installing St Louis MO spray foam insulation for your commercial building is more than keeping occupants comfortable; building codes require commercial spaces to operate more efficiently.

Making your commercial building more energy-efficient doesn’t have to be complicated. By installing the proper insulation, heating and cooling systems run more efficiently, resulting in lower power bills and a “greener” building.

Besides enhancing your building’s energy efficiency, spray foam insulation in St Louis MO can help create a more comfortable environment, control humidity and moisture, sound-proof, and contribute to an overall healthier environment.

DIY vs. Professional Installation: Why You Should Leave It to The Experts

When installing spray foam insulation in St Louis MO, it doesn’t matter how many DIY projects you have under your belt. Professional spray foam installers are best suited for the job for the following reasons:

  • Only they have the specialized equipment needed to spray
  • Understand the job site safety standards
  • They are trained for proper site preparation

Our applicators at Gonz Insulation are trained and certified to handle any St Louis MO spray foam insulation project. Given their experience, they observe vital substrate characteristics to ensure optimal curing.

Working with certified St Louis MO spray foam insulation contractors, you can rest assured that the project will be completed as expected. Our technicians consider every detail, including ambient and substrate temperatures and thickness of application.

We also ensure the safe disposal of waste materials and empty drums according to the relevant requirements. Our post-application practices, such as visual inspection, ensure that your insulation meets the required standard.

In addition to visual inspection, we also perform blower-door air leakage tests, thermographic imaging, and carbon monoxide tests to ascertain the insulation’s effectiveness at air sealing and insulating your building.

Our Spray Foam Installation Process

At Gonz, our application process is guided by the government’s requirements and the industry’s best practices. Generally, our spray foam application process follows the following steps:

  • Site inspection: Our technicians inspect your building to determine the areas that need insulation or the condition of your existing insulation system.
  • Jobsite preparation: We ensure the necessary permits are in place, seal off the job site, provide adequate ventilation, designate a section for wearing and removing PPE, and clear the building occupants.
  • Spray foam application: After gearing up in their protective equipment, our applicators begin applying spray foam on the necessary parts of the building.
  • Site cleanup and waste disposal: After the application is complete, our technicians trim the excess spray foam, clean up the work area, and dispose of all the waste material as per the federal, state, and local waste disposal guidelines.
  • Post-application inspection: After the spray foam cures, we conduct a visual inspection and performance tests to verify the quality of the insulation.

Spray Foam Insulation Cost in St. Louis

Spray foam offers the best value for money compared to other materials. However, installation costs differ from one project to the other. For instance, installation costs for new construction insulation will differ from retro foam costs.

Generally, the purchase price of open-cell spray form is about $0.35-$0.55 per board foot, while closed-cell spray foam costs about $1-$2 per board foot. Most spray foam insulation projects will cost more than $2,900, the national average.

The overall cost of your spray foam insulation project will depend on the project size, part of the building needing insulation, site prep and cleanup, and air sealing needs.

Insulation prices may also differ depending on location and equipment. At Gonz Insulation, we offer free estimates and inspections, so you don’t have to pay a dime for these services.

Why Choose Us

There are no definite timelines for replacing your building’s insulation. However, some red flags will signal the need to call a professional insulation company to inspect and replace your insulation.

Whether you need a new St Louis MO spray foam insulation or are retrofitting the existing one, here’s how working with us will benefit you:

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured: We have the necessary insurance policies and are covered if you have any claim after project completion.
  • Local insulation company: We understand the climate in St Louis and the insulation needs for residential and commercial building owners.
  • Trained and certified technicians: Our applicators have undergone the necessary training to ensure they deliver the best results.
  • Excellent customer service: Our services are second to none, and we are committed to offering all our customers a pleasant experience from start to finish.
  • Affordable prices: Our pricing is up there with the most competitive to ensure that you can afford your insulation project.
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If you’re looking to install a new spray foam insulation system in your building or suspect that your old insulation has given way to elements, then it’s time to call the experts. We specialize in spray foam insulation in St Louis and the surrounding suburbs and are dedicated to making your building energy efficient and more comfortable. Call us today to speak to one of our applicators and schedule an on-site inspection.