Thermal Imaging

Gonz Insulation provides thermal imaging for residents and businesses in Saint Louis and all of the surrounding areas. This allows us to detect deficiencies in your property’s insulation without breaking through walls. It also saves time and makes the diagnostic process much easier. Call Gonz Insulation for more information and to schedule a time for thermal imaging in Saint Louis.

Thermal Imaging for Insulation Inspections

In simplest terms, thermal imaging shows hot and cold spots by using infrared radiation technology. Gonz Insulation uses this technology to detect missing or damaged insulation in the walls, attic, crawl space, and other vulnerable areas of your property. It detects pools of heat and cold air through walls, so we never have to break through your walls to determine if there are issues with your insulation.

How Thermal Imaging Works

Thermal imaging is one of the most powerful tools available to insulation professionals. Our professionals use the cameras to see through your walls, ceilings, etc. The cameras provide a visual representation of your insulation using different colors. This gives us a clear idea of the heat transfer that is going on within your walls, and it allows us to detect insulation leaks inside your walls, roof, floors, and more. Based on the information provided through thermal image scans, we can provide you with a precise service estimate and timeline (if necessary).

The Importance of Heat Leak Detection

When drafts develop inside your property, it makes the HVAC system have to work much harder to maintain the ideal temperature. This can significantly raise your monthly heating and cooling costs. It can also place a fair amount of unnecessary strain upon your HVAC unit, which can lead to the need for frequent repairs and early replacement.

Signs That Indicate a Need for Thermal Imaging

You should consider a thermal imaging scan anytime you are concerned about how well your insulation works. For instance, you may need to order a scan with Gonz Insulation if you have noticed drastic increases in your heating and cooling costs, a decrease in the comfort inside your home, excessive moisture, water damage, and poor air quality.

How to Prepare for a Thermal Scan With Gonz Insulation

There are no special preparations our clients must take. However, it may help to ensure furniture, wall decor, etc. is not blocking access to exterior walls and certain areas of the floor. It can also help to ensure there is a difference between the indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature.

Contact Us Today

Are you experiencing spikes in your heating and cooling costs and/or decreased comfort and temperature regulation inside your property? If so, then call the insulation pros at Gonz Insulation to schedule a time for thermal imaging services. We service all of Saint Louis and the majority of the surrounding areas. Our service is risk-free; we never have to go into your walls to determine if there are issues with your insulation material.